"The circus acts (in Make*A*Circus) are so neatly wrapped within a simple tale that you barely notice where one leaves off and the other begins - thanks in large part to Jeff Raz's sure-handed, smoothly flowing direction."
Rob Hurwitt

"(Snake in the Basement) is pure theater: responding to the sparest suggestions, we create the piece finally in our own imaginations. Director Jeff Raz maintains a playful but appropriately uneasy tone throughout, and Wetzel and her ensemble produce a compelling world with seamless precision."
The Bay Guardian

Jeff has directed 4 plays for Goldie Award winning puppeteer Liebe Wetzel's Lunitique Fantastique, including two in 2008. Most recently, he directed a successful circus adaptation of the Chinese epic "Journey to the West" entitled "Monkey King, a Circus Adventure". "Monkey King" follows last year year's hit "Wonderland", also created with advanced students at The Clown Conservatory. In 2004/05, he directed Tim Barsky and the Everyday Ensemble in "The Bright River" at A Traveling Jewish Theater and the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts.
He directed "Bracebridge Dinner" at Yosemite Park for two years as well as numerous other shows for professional companies and conservatory programs including Make*A*Circus, The New Pickle Circus, Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theater, Urban High School, School of the Arts and the California Theater Conservatory.

Other Projects - Acting - Directing - Guest Instructor - Bracebridge Dinner